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Nat Hugill is a versatile performer, event professional and emcee hailing from Auckland's dynamic entertainment scene. With a career spanning various artistic domains, Nat's journey is a testament to creativity, dedication, and pursuit of excellence. Her experiences reflect a kaleidoscope of talents that leave a mark on audiences.


As an events producer and director, Nat's story began when she unveiled Lilly Loca's Vaudeville Cabaret in April 2011. The creation of Va-Va-Voom allowed Nat to bring captivating cabaret, vaudeville, and theatre shows to the stage, all united under a single visionary umbrella. Her dedication and meticulous approach translated into sold-out shows and glowing reviews, with collaborations spanning the likes of Barfoot and Thompson, Auckland Council, Samsung and New Zealand Fashion Week. Nat's journey reached new heights with her pivotal role as the Host City Events and Spectator Services Lead for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, as part of the Tāmaki Makaurau Host City Programming Team. In this capacity, she spearheaded the Host City Volunteer Programme and orchestrated the curation and delivery of the Eden Park Last Mile experience. Her ability to craft unforgettable experiences for diverse audiences has been a hallmark of her career, complemented by her innovative approach and passion for event production.


Nat's keen eye for aesthetics, talent curation, and branding defines her prowess in event production, programming and management roles. Her commitment to overseeing every facet of production, from concept to execution, consistently results in exceptional outcomes. This dedication to perfection shines through every venture, ensuring that every event she touches is a seamless and remarkable affair.


Stepping into the realm of acting, Nat's versatility and mastery of disguise have set her apart. Her seamless transformation into many characters has earned her the moniker New Zealand's Consummate Mistress of Disguise. From historic personas like Marie Antoinette to her boundary-pushing drag king character, Gary Krumbert, Nat's journey has been a fearless exploration of identity and expression across live performances, TV, and music videos.


Within Auckland's vivacious drag and burlesque scene, Nat shines as Lilly Loca—a captivating fusion of glamour, mischief, and sheer entertainment. Her roles as an emcee and performer have graced numerous stages. Accolades like the Ambassador Award 2019 and the New Zealand Supreme Grand Tease 2017 title underscore Nat's achievements, showcasing her ability to infuse every moment with the utmost "va-va-voom."


Nat's dedication extends to education, holding a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary). Her passion for drama and English has resonated with students at institutions such as Onehunga High School and Western Springs College. Inspired by Albert Einstein's philosophy of creating conducive learning environments, Nat's teaching approach nurtures creativity and growth. Beyond traditional education, Nat's commitment to the arts led her to establish Defying Gravity and later Va-Va-Voom Academy, championing the development of creativity and artistic expression.


In the dynamic landscape of entertainment, Nat embraces each new challenge with unwavering enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. As a corporate host or a burlesque performer, Nat brings authenticity, vibrancy, and innovation to every role she undertakes. Auckland's cultural richness serves as the backdrop to her artistic journey, one that continues to push boundaries, redefine norms, and create lasting memories that resonate across diverse audiences.

Mark Dennison - Director & Composer of Freda Stark - The Musical

The grand finale of ‘Freda Stark - The Musical’ is Freda’s gold painted dance. Nat’s interpretation turned into a sensation! The choreography was 1940’s, but also edgy and contemporary - a perfect reflection of the intent of the show.


Nat’s a dream to work with. Completely professional, great communication and delivers above and beyond expectations. I look forward to our next collaboration. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

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