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Nat Hugill shot by Mark Waters Photography

A versatile artist, event professional, and emcee rooted in the heart of Auckland's entertainment scene, my journey is marked by a dedication to push creative boundaries and craft impactful experiences that span a spectrum of roles.


In 2011, my trajectory began with establishing Lilly Loca's Vaudeville Cabaret, a pivotal inception that has since rebranded into Va-Va-Voom (Productions). These endeavours have granted me the honour of curating resonant shows and orchestrating events contributing to the ever-evolving entertainment industry.


As an artist, I've earned the moniker New Zealand's consummate mistress of disguise  for my seamless embodiment of diverse personas. As Lilly Loca, I am a captivating burlesque and drag performer, weaving glamour and playfulness into every performance. My emcee role further showcases my commanding presence, adding a distinct edge that resonates with nuanced character portrayal and genuine audience engagement.


With my work in event production, programming and management, I have a dedicated eye for aesthetics and a knack for assembling an ensemble of performers. This dedication culminates in meticulously executed events, translating creative visions into realities forging an interplay between imagination and execution.


With a diverse educational background and a commitment to fostering creativity, I hold a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) from the University of Auckland. Guided by Albert Einstein's philosophy that emphasises providing conducive learning conditions, I've passionately embraced education. This devotion to nurturing talent is exemplified through initiatives such as Defying Gravity and Va-Va-Voom Academy, where I've provided platforms for artistic expression to flourish.

My journey extends beyond formal education, as I've further honed my skills through a rich tapestry of workshops, spanning topics from stage presence to digital marketing. These invaluable experiences have enriched my skill set and equipped me to excel in diverse roles. Whether in teaching, event  production or beyond, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for nurturing creativity and personal growth.


Navigating Auckland's multifaceted industry remains a constant exploration. With each role I embrace, my conviction in the creative industry's role as a vessel for personal expression and the shaping of cultural narratives is reinforced. This pursuit is animated by a deep sense of privilege and gratitude for the industry I'm fortunate to be a part of.

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