original characters

Nat is known for her performance versatility, and this is highlighted especially in her original, three dimensional characters.

These characters are available as MC’s, roving characters and some even have their own acts. Please see the descriptions below for more information.

Photo by James Yang

Photo by James Yang


Nat’s best known character would have to be the endearing, awkwardly lovable chic geek, Gary Krumbert. Born and raised in Glenfield, Gary’s a sweet young chap who sadly doesn’t have much luck on the dating front…not without trying though! He’s currently studying a PHD in Quantum Physics and plans to live his live as a perpetual student, but hopes to move out of his mothers house hopefully by the time he’s 40.

Gary is a multi award-winning character, having helped Nat win the title of Supreme Grand Tease 2017. His act ‘I’ve got Talent’ has been nominated for several industry awards, plus won the accolades of ‘Most Creative’ and ‘Most Comedic’ at the Hamilton Grand Tease Heats 2017, which Nat also won, as well as ‘Best Neo Burlesque’ at the Grand Tease Finale in 2017 which Nat won the national title.

Gary is a wonderful MC, having graced the stages of many a burlesque and variety show, as well as having two acts under his second-hand leather belt.

To see Gary’s acts, click here.

Photo by James Yang

Photo by James Yang

penny royalty

The daughter of the infamous ‘Teacup Assassin’, Penny can be described as a Stepford wife mixed with a dash of serial stalker. Ava Max’s song ‘Sweet but Psycho’ sums her up rather nicely.

A larger than life personality, once you’ve met Penny, you’ll never un-know her. She’s loud, a bit erratic, slightly obsessive (she likes to use the word ‘passionate’) and definitely comedic, with all the charm and grace of a 1950’s housewife…who has never married. She enjoys romantic ROMCOMS, romance novels, baking and stalking potential suitors (even if they’re unaware of it yet) on social media.

Penny is available as an MC (for those who want something a bit different and hilarious) and is also available to host the next season of NZ’s Hottest Home Baker, thank you kindly.

Photo by Peter Jennings

Photo by Peter Jennings

Jethro jenkins

The self proclaimed Sheriff of East Dublin, Jethro Jenkins is everybody’s favorite rootin’ tootin’ redneck. Winner of the Red Neck Games in 2014, he has minor celebrity status in his hometown of East Dublin in Georgia for being able to throw the most amount of empties at a target out of a moving vehicle (his personal best was 14).

Betrothed to his wife Clementine and father to his three kids Molly, John-Boy & Lulu, he works down at the local gas station covering the lunch hour shift. You’ll often see him with either a beer or a glass of homemade moonshine in hand, sittin’ on the front porch in his favorite chair, having a chat to any passerby who looks interesting enough. Otherwise, you’ll find him down at the ‘Winking Piglit’ starting up a conversation or two with his best friends Jesse and Mert. Or, if you’re game enough, you may find him down behind the hay sheds, brewin’ up some Moonshine with his pa (it’s a family recipe!) or practicin’ his over arm throw with his empties in his hucklebuck truck in the fields next door.

Jethro is available as a roving character, and also has his very own act ‘Stay or Go’. For more details, see here.